I’m Verna Avery-Brown... 

As a journalist, I’ve been following the COVID 19 story since it first began making headlines... 

When I saw the video online of the bodies of coronavirus victims being forklifted onto a refrigerated 18 wheeler in NYC to be taken and delivered for automatic cremation-I was shocked! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And it struck me at my core.
Such blatant disregard for the sanctity of the human body. These were not just slabs of meat, these were someone’s grandmother or father or sister or uncle or cousin or best friend. The body is the sacred temple that houses the soul. 

I later read of how one family had to wave goodbye to their 39 year old mother through the hospital window .The hospital policy wouldn’t allow them to be by her side because she was quarantined. That broke my heart. 

As a mother I cried… and as a widow I know how painful it is to have a loved one suddenly snatched from your life. In 2012 my 57 year old, athletic, vegetarian husband died suddenly from a heart attack. I was instantly traumatized ! My entire world had been reconfigured in the blink of an eye. 

But In the midst of all that heartache and that crippling grief, the one occasion that softened the pain- that caused me to look up - was the standing room only funeral service we held to honor his life.  The large gathering of family and friends who turned out to share their favorite stories of him and to sing his praises to the world, made us feel Robby Henry Brown had died like royalty...he died with dignity. 

The coronavirus victims have been robbed of that moment. That final defining event where their life and their deeds are publicly acknowledged. If and when their funerals are held the guest list is drastically limited. All too often there is no body present allowing the family and friends sorely needed closure.... and depending on how the cremated ashes are handled by the state, there may not even be ashes to place in an Urn on the mantel piece. There’s no grave site to visit. No physical reminders of the loved one’s life. It’s almost as if he or she never lived... 
Make no mistake…nothing could ever fill that void...Nothing. 
‘Infinity…in our hearts forever’… is a public space to share your loved one’s story with the world. To give a lasting glimpse of who he/she was. It provides a place for family and friends to remember and revisit a few of the things that made their loved one unique.  

What made them special? What will you remember most about them? Was it their infectious laugh? Their secret recipe- that was guarded with their life? Their passion for sports? Or was it simply the way they made you feel? 

We invite you to take a few moments and include your loved one in this public acknowledgement and appreciation of his/her life. Share their story with the world...in this everlasting space.



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