Kious Kelly

Also known as

'Jamie' Marion James Smith IV

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Date of Birth


Date of Death 


Last Resided in

New York City


Kious was a much loved emergency room nurse at Mount Sinai West hospital, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. After moving to New York from Lansing Michigan were he grew up with his only sibling Marya Patrice Sherron, Kious abandoned his life long dream to pursue a career in dance and obtained his degree in nursing from New York University in 2012 It took precedence over hisBachelor degree in Performing Arts and Dance from Butler University in Indianapolis..

On March 18, he sent his sister a text saying he was sick and in the ICU but ok. Marya says she asked him a few more questions and he said he can't talk. 'I choke if I try. Can't breathe. I love you.' Six days later the hospital notified her he was dead.

Marya described her brother like this. ' Let me be absolutely clear, Kious was no victim. He served with love. If you needed care, you would get it. He ran toward the oncoming enemy determined to bring survivors back with him. That's who he was.'

His fb page was flooded with co-worker wrote:
'I was waiting for you to come to work at 11am. An hour had passed, still no Kious.I t's getting real, you're not coming back.'

Marya said she received a mountain of of supportive messages from friends, coworkers and even strangers from around the world.