Victor Llewellyn Ransom

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New York City


Victor was born in Brooklyn, New York and died from COVID19 in the city where his family roots ran deep. His uncle Lewis Flagg was the first black judge in Brooklyn. Victor lived a bold, accomplished life. As a young MIT graduate his superior math intellect carved him out a position as a Navigator Bombardier in WWII. As a member of the elite Tuskegee Airmen his assignment was to identify the locations where to drop the bombs over Germany. At 21 years of age ‘Vic’ had earned the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Army Airforce. He joined ranks with 104 other black officers to stage a protest known as the Freemen Field Mutiny. They were protesting a policy that banned them from the ‘whites only’ officer’s club. Vic and the others were jailed for 3 months and charged with a sentence that could have resulted in their execution. Undeterred by the threat, Victor stood his ground and was quoted as saying, the mutiny which led to the further desegregation of the army was worth it.

Vic met and married ‘the love of his life,’ Dorothy Ransom, a New York city School Teacher who he loved to watch play the piano. Their union lasted 73 years and Pamela Ransom and Victor Ransom were products of their love. Vic was an avid swimmer and cyclist, and they were long time members of the Ethical Cultural Society of New York and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Monmouth County.

May he rest in peace…. forever in our hearts