Alyce Gullattee

Also known as

'Mimi or Dr. G."

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Date of Death 


Last Resided in

Washington, DC


"Dr. G." was a pioneering psychiatrist, civil rights activist and Howard University professor known for her compassionate touch with people battling substance abuse. During the height of Washington's crack epidemic she wandered down an alley searching for a patient she feared had overdosed when a man started mugging the psychiatrist her daughter recalled, but instead of running away Dr. G. looked the man in the eyes and said, ' wait a minute, before you do all that we need to get to the root of why you need to rob me." She persuaded him to get treatment at the hospital.
Her service to Howard University was unparalleled said H.U. President Wayne A.I. Frederick. She played a significant role in the education and training of literally thousands of physicians including a significant percentage of the African American physicians practicing in this country."
She was 91 when the coronavirus took her life.